Memorial Benches: Dignified Alternative to Standard Memorial Markers

The loss of a loved one is painful. While the grieving process takes time, many people find some relief by knowing their loved one will always be remembered. One option, memorial benches, provides a number of benefits over other options. Here are some reasons why personalized memorial benches are a great way to remember a lost loved one.


There are a number of materials available for personalized memorial benches. All materials, however, have one thing in common: They’re durable. Stone benches can handle harsh weather conditions well in all climates. Furthermore, benches typically don’t need regular maintenance, ensuring they’ll maintain their look for decades to come.


Laser etching used on personalized memorialize benches can create detailed results, letting you create high-quality etchings of your loved one to share their image will all who visit. Use text to share any information you want about your loved one, including important facts or quotes they would like to share with the world.

Practical Use

Benches provide a place to relax. By using personalized memorial benches, you encourage others to spend some time thinking about your loved one and what they meant. When visiting a memorial with a friend or family member, benches encourage you to sit and contemplate together. Regardless of where you place the bench, it will provide relief to people for decades to come.

Placement Options

Typical memorial markers are somewhat rare to see outside of graveyards. Memorial benches, on the other hand, can be appropriate to use in other locations. Placing a memorial bench in a park your loved one enjoyed can help share their memory with others who share their love of nature, and they can be memorable additions to gardens at home.

Easy to Identify

Graveyards are large, and locating a loved one’s site can be challenging. Memorial benches are easy to spot at a distance, and their unique shape makes them stand out. Furthermore, unlike larger memorial markers, benches can be made to compact dimensions, making them compatible with smaller plots.


Some memorials are designed to be permanent. Although memorial benches are heavy and aren’t generally intended to be moved, it’s possible to place them in a new location should you choose to do so in the future. The practical nature of benches means they’re great to use in places where other types of markers wouldn’t work as well.

Memorial benches provide a wonderful alternative to standard memorial markers, and modern laser-etching technology lets you share images as well as text. If you have any questions about personalized memorial benches, contact us at Etched Impressions to learn more.

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