Is a Laser Etched Grave Marker the Right Choice for Your Family?

Grave markers create a tangible memorial that honors the life of your loved one and gives the family a place to join together in their grief and celebration of their loved one’s life. The most important thing to know about laser etched grave markers is that they offer a more affordable option with a much shorter production time than most custom markers. Before the advent of laser etching technology, memorials were an expensive and time-consuming option, with production times of up to eight weeks.

Features of Laser Etched Grave Markers

Done on black granite, laser etching creates a bold and striking contrast of black and white and is the perfect way to add a portrait or other image of your loved one. The laser etching is precise, creating a finished product with a sharp appearance that is easy to read and can come with stylish accents and other flourishes that allow the personality of the deceased to be recognized and celebrated. The markers can be in-ground or raised and are all created with black granite.

One of the many reasons that people choose this option is that production time is much shorter than other methods, allowing the family to have a place to gather and remember their lost one almost immediately after their passing. Laser etching is also a reasonably priced choice that allows for full customization of the memorial stone.

Laser Etched Grave Markers are Fully Customizable

The etching technology that is used for grave markers allows you to create a monument that fully reflects the life of your loved one. Photographs, poetry, and biographical information can all be included on the marker according to your wishes. The custom nature of the etching creates a memorial that is often more a celebration of their life, rather than the marking of their death. Our in-house design team will work with you to ensure that the finished product is exactly what you want and is an appropriate memory of the life of your loved one.

Custom laser etched grave markers, created with the latest technology, offer an affordable and personal way to remember the life of a deceased loved one.

Etched Impressions, LLC provides top quality grave markers with your personalized message laser etched into the black granite. Our in-house design team will work with you to create a beautiful reminder of your loved one. Please call us today at (904) 693-1720 to schedule an appointment, or stop by our Jacksonville location at 538 Chatham Street.

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