Different Designs in Granite Grave Markers and Their Benefits

Granite Grave Markers

Granite is one of the most common type of grave maker in use today, and there are plenty of great reasons for this. Granite is a very strong and durable type of stone, and it can last for a long time while retaining its appearance, along with any designs or etchings that are added to the stone. Designs can be added to the granite grave markers in several ways, each of which has their benefits.

First, there are the hand-diamond etchings. With this type of design style, the artist will utilize a handheld tool with a diamond tip that allows them to draw on the stone. While this can yield some impressive results, it often takes quite a while to complete a single headstone. In addition, if there is a mistake made partway through the process, it would sometimes require an entirely new stone to be used.

The laser etchings for granite grave markers have become a popular choice because they can create high-quality, beautiful images that are burned into the granite via a laser tool. The technology used for this type of design reduces the chance of an error, and it tends to create the images very quickly. In many cases, as long as you are dealing with a high-quality company, they can provide you with a stone in about one to two weeks.

In addition, it is possible to create very finely detailed artwork, including images of people that look like photographs, when using laser etching for granite grave markers. This is a permanent design, and it can stand up well to all types of weathering effects.

With the laser etchings for the grave markers, black granite is typically used. The reason for this is simple. The etchings show up very clearly when they are added to black granite, meaning the words and images on the stone are going to be easily visible and readable.

You will have many design choices with these etchings, and you can choose from different fonts and sizes, and create very intricate and detailed designs that will provide your loved one with a memorial that they deserve.

If you are considering a laser etched headstone, be sure to check out the options available for standing stones, memorials, and flat markers through Etched Impressions. Find the size that you need and determine the best design for your loved one.

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