Custom Granite Memorials vs. Marble Headstones – What Are the Differences Between Them?

Custom Granite Headstones

When it comes to memorializing your loved one and marking their gravesite, you have a number of different options. For instance, you could choose from a range of custom granite memorials, or you might opt for one of many different marble headstones. Is granite better than marble? What are the differences and why might someone choose one over the other?

Marble Is the Past

If you visit any older cemeteries in the US, the chances are good that you will see headstones and monuments made of marble. It was very popular many years ago. Today, that’s not the case. Granite has surpassed marble as the most popular material for headstone creation, and that’s due to several reasons.

One of those is that custom granite memorials will outlast marble headstones. Marble is actually very brittle and soft. This means that it will weather poorly. Marble is at risk for cracking, chipping and eroding even in relatively mild climactic conditions. In a surprisingly short amount of time, design work, names, and other customized elements will weather away and become difficult to discern.

Granite Is the Future

In comparison to marble headstones, custom granite memorials can last for centuries. Granite is much harder than marble, and it is not brittle. That means it is less susceptible to chipping and cracking. It also means that design elements will not weather in the same way, keeping your loved one’s memorial legible and in good condition for decades to come.

Granite is hard enough that not only does it withstand rain, sleet, snow and the heat of summer, but it can even stand up to the erosive power of salt, making it a good choice for use in environments close to the ocean, or in northern latitudes where salt is frequently used to devise roadways. It’s also resistant to acid rain and other pollution.

Of course, because granite is harder, it requires a different approach to customization. Look for a company that offers laser etching, as this can be used to create stunning designs on a headstone, bench or another memorial. This goes beyond adding your loved one’s name and birth/death dates. The right company can offer a completely custom approach, including Bible or poetry verses, or other meaningful phrases, and even images of your loved one engraved directly into the surface of the granite.

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